Every surgeon carries within himself a small cemetery, where from time to time he goes to pray.

Confessions of a neurosurgeon | Henry Marsh

In this episode neurosurgeon and best-selling author Henry Marsh takes a critical look back on his life. While as a surgeon, he mainly remembers the failures that fill up his very own graveyard, Henry always strived to learn from his mistakes. Now, being diagnosed with prostate cancer, Henry himself may only have a limited time to live. He came to accept his fate, stopped being driven by ambition and has learned to live in the present. Join Carl on this truly extraordinary conversation, that will take you from the operating table to the war in Ukraine and into the mind of a doctor, who had all the reasons to become cynical, but instead cultivated a humorous and deeply human outlook on life.

Photo: Alamy
Music: Julius Stucke
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